As you all know Makenzie Stocker passed away on June 3, 2009 from a car accident. I’m sad that this has happened and I did cry and going to the visitation on Sunday helped me release what I was feeling. When I went I did not think the Stocker’s would have an open casket but they did. I was shocked because when I think car accident I do not think open casket but she looked so pretty and I just looked at her with tears in my eyes. I could not believe she was gone. I know she is dancing in heavn though but I still miss her.

I gave her mom a flash drive with a video I made and the pictures I used on the video. I didn’t thik I was going to be able to tell her but I did. I know they will miss there little girl.

On a happ note, friends Caitlin and Aaron are ok. I have known them for years and I love them dearly. I hope they get better soon. Love ya CC and Aaron. This is the link to a tribute video I made of Makenzie.

Makenzie Stocker

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