In my head……

OMG i worked on june 1st from 4 pm to 5am it was crazy!!!! I drank so much mountain dew. It was not that bad though. My hands smelt from washing so many dishes. But you know thats 13 hours of work and also PAY$$$$$$.  Some parts of the night were long and my headset kep falling off.  I learned so much that night line and closing the store. I am glad that is over. I would do it again but not in the school year!!!!

The past few days I don’t know why but I keep watching videos of Makenzie or about Makenzie. I miss her. I went and visited the Stockers on Sunday and the tears just came back. I gave them some chocolate chip raisin cookies my mommy made. They were thankful. I learned about there family portrait. I went up in her room and signed the journal. I wrote a whole page when I started I could not stop. I miss her!!!!  I hope you are doing well Stockers and a piece of your heart heals each and everyday. I know you miss your kenzie! LOVE YOU STOCKERS!!!!!!!!!


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