Audition for SHSU

My audition for SAM HOUSTON STATE is the friday and I am so excited and nervous at the same time. I am really hoping to get into the musical theatre program and some people are being real negative and telling me I will not get in but I am not going to listen to them I am going to perform my songs first then dance and then monologues is what the email said. I am going to sing “Nobody Does It Like Me” from SeeSaw and “A Change in Me” from Beauty and the Beast. My monologues are from Miss Lonleyhearts and Our Town. I have to find everything for my audtion today i have to buy more jazz shoes and jazz pants and a leotard. I have to get rhinestones to fix my lovely purple Becca audition shirt. I also have to dye my hair again so I can have my hair as dark as my headshot hair. Phew. I have a lot to do.

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