OMG my acting teacher got mad for people not being prepared and excused EVERYONE from class! I have to make sure I’m ready when it is my turn. I have met some AWESOME people here at SHSU. They are so much fun to be around. Kayce and I met on saturday and now we eat at Potato Shack and watch Glee!

Speaking of Glee did you see the first episode! HILARIOUS!!!!!!! Jane Lynch is going to make us all go into a laughing depression. The things she says are mean but they are funny! Can’t wait till next weeks show which is Britney Spears music! Hit me Baby One more time! Love her music! Coach Biste is the same coach that was on Lizzie Maguire! She is funny and she made me cry! 😦 Hopefully everyone got to watch the show last night. Love you All!

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