Ups and Downs

In life, you have up and downs. You can have them every day and you can have them in moments. I have been learning this and have been realizing that you need to focus on the positive moments in your life and let go of the negative. I was very mad I didn’t get the job I want but after a few days I have learned that I can’t blame the girl who did get the job. She herself is going through her own ups and downs. Took me til today to realize this.

I believe I have depression and anxiety issues and I was prescribed medication but after not having insurance I stopped them. I am not sure if I need them now but I can tell life is a little more down. I feel lonely here in TN. I enjoy living with my family but I do not enjoy being alone and just hanging out at home. I try to be friendly with people at work hoping that maybe I would be invited somewhere with everyone else. One of these days I hope someone will ask me to hang out or when I ask they actually do. I want to get out of here and either go to Indiana to be with someone I love or go to Texas and be with my friends because I miss them and felt like I belonged….

Readers I will just be living life and saving money until I am finally able to continue on with the ups in life.

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